Outside Switzerland: 0041844-022022

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Pædiatric emergency consultations of the Geneva Society of Pediatrics by appointment

The Geneva Society of Pediatrics offers an on-call service for the city of Geneva, upon appointment at telephone number 0844-022022, 7/7 days, from 8h to 22h.

Parents can schedule an appointment with an on-call pediatrician when the practice of their pediatrician is closed. They can avoid waiting long hours in the emergency department. This on call service can also decrease the number of less severe pediatric cases at the Geneva University Hospital. Children with a more severe medical condition will be oriented towards the Geneva University Hospital, where they will be seen by a pediatrician without an appointment, according to severity of the medical emergency.

As of January 2016, one number (0844-022022) gives access to a common agenda over several different locations of pediatric consultations: This number allows you to schedule an appointment in the evening, the week-end and on holidays, depending on availability in 4 different locations: Hôpital de La Tour, Centre médical des Eaux-Vives, Garde pédiatrique du Petit-Lancy and Urgences pédiatriques d'Onex.

As of February 2018, The Geneva Society of Pediatrics also offers the possibility the schedule an appointment online. These appointments are proposed at certain time frames and under certain conditions at the address: www.rdvp.ch

As of January 2020, upon calling the number 0844-022022, you can also schedule an appointment during the day with a pediatrician close to your home if your pediatrician cannot see your child.


Right bank:

Hôpital de la Tour

  Phone: 022 719 61 11 By appointment with the
  Monday-Friday: 18 - 22 h Geneva Society of Pediatrics
  Week-end/Holiday: 8 - 22 h  
Address: Avenue J.-D. Maillard 3  
  1217 MEYRIN  
Left bank:

Centre médico-chirurgical des Eaux-Vives

Garde médicale du Petit-Lancy

  Phone: 022 737 47 57 Phone: 022 879 57 00
  Monday-Friday: 18 - 22 h Monday-Friday: 18 - 22 h
  Week-end/Holiday: 8 - 22 h Week-end/Holiday: 8 - 22 h
Address: Av.de la Gare des Eaux-Vives 3 Route Pont Butin 70
  3rd floor - parking Parking opposite side



  Hôpital des Enfants Hôpital de La Tour
  Phone: 022 772 45 55 Phone: 022 719 61 11 
  24h/24 (children up to 16 years) 24h/24 (until 16 years old)
Adresse: Avenue de la Roseraie 47 Avenue J.D. Maillard 3
  1205 GENEVE 1217 Meyrin
  www.hug-ge.ch/accueil-et-urgences www.la-tour.ch
  Clinique des Grangettes Urgences pédiatriques d'Onex
  Phone: 022 305 05 55 Phone: 022 709 00 00
  7 days / 7 : 9 - 22h 7 days / 7 : 9 - 21h30
Adresse: Chemin des Grangettes 7 Route de Chancy 98
  1224 CHÊNE-BOUGERIES 1213 ONEX (pay parking)



VITAL EMERGENCIES : 144 (from France:15)            INTOXICATIONS: 145